Access Library Resources Off Campus

To access databases and other electronic resources provided by the NDNU Gellert Library while off-campus, you will need to provide authentication by logging in with your NDNU email credentials.


When you select a database or an online resource in the catalog, such as an article or ebook, you will be prompted with a login page.

Use your NDNU email username (everything before the "" or "") and password. If you've lost your password or are having other issues logging in to your campus email, please contact OIT by emailing


Login Through DISCOVERY

You can also login through DISCOVERY by clicking on the "Off-campus login" option under "Library Links" in the page header on either the Advance Search or search results pages.

You will be prompted with the same login screen as above.


Troubleshooting Tips

Quick Fixes

  • Try a different browser. Occasionally a resource will not work well with, or without, a specific browser or plug-in.
  • If your browser seems to hang or not do anything after you enter your username and password, try clicking on the reload or refresh button in your browser.
  • Try rebooting your computer. It sounds basic, but sometimes this can fix access issues.
  • If you are on campus, try removing the beginning part of the database URL. This may fix access issues caused by the authentication system. The portion of the URL to remove is:


NDNU Login Information

  • A problem with your NDNU email login information or with the campus network will block your access to Library databases and other electronic resources. If you are unable to login to your NDNU email, contact OIT Help Desk at


Popups, Cookies, & Javascript 


"File missing: docs\suspend.htm" Error Message

  • You have exceeded the amount of data you can download in an hour, 250MB. Wait 60 minutes and try again. The temporary suspension will expire on its own. If you have questions, email


Using Campus VPN

  • For faculty and staff using the NDNU Campus VPN. Use of the VPN can cause authentication issues when trying to access ebooks, journals, and databases.
  • If the login page does not appear turn off your VPN, refresh or restart your browser, and try again to access the resource through the library website.

Your Library Account vs. Off-Campus Login

What is Your "Library Account"?

Your library account is a separate login used to keep track of physical books checked out from the NDNU Gellert Library. It uses your Student ID Number and a password you set upon your first login, as seen in the image on the right. As you can see, this is a very different login page than the off-campus access login.

Your library account can be accessed from the "My Account" button in the upper right of the DISCOVERY search bar on the home page. Or from the "Sign In" button in the header of the search results page.

This account WILL NOT grant access to online resources such as articles and ebooks.