Information Literacy at NDNU

Information Literacy Program at NDNU

The Information Literacy Program at NDNU aims to go beyond teaching students a set of discrete skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information for a particular assignment. Rather, teaching within the context of academic disciplines, the Information Literacy Program at NDNU aims to foster in students dispositions involved in lifelong learning such as critical and reflective thinking, curiosity, initiative, alertness, dynamism, individual growth, and collaboration. Moreover, it aims to develop active, empowered learners who are able to navigate and participate in the complex information landscape of the 21st century.

Core Values

  • We actively partner with disciplinary faculty to create transformative learning experiences for students.
  • We explore, identify, and implement a variety of pedagogical approaches, instructional strategies, and high impact practices to foster inquiry and curiosity in students.
  • We employ a range of active and collaborative learning activities and technologies that address students’ multiple learning styles.
  • We continually assess our program to improve instruction and student learning.
  • We collaborate with the campus community to integrate NDNU’s social justice centered mission into all library activities and transform our library space into multi-focused learning environment.