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Fake News

The Media Bias Chart

The Media Bias Chart was created by Ad Fontes Media, an independent media watchdog organization dedicated to educating the public about news literacy.

The goal of this chart is to provide a tool for the analysis of news articles and news sources to determine the reliability of information. It asks readers to rank articles based on political bias and the reliability of information - facts vs. opinions.

You can use the blank chart, bellow, to help analyze articles you find online. Further down you'll find how Ad Fontes Media rated the most popular news organizations and why.

blank media bias chart

Media Bias Ratings

Here you can see where Ad Fontes Media rates the reliability and bias of popular news sources. These ratings are based on reviewing articles published by those sources.

The creators of the Media Bias Chart recognize that everyone has bias, and that bias will mean they rate the reliability of bias of articles differently. To counteract this, they try to get ratings from people of all political leanings and backgrounds to rate articles. They are also constantly updating the chart based on new ratings and reviews. You can find the ever-changing, interactive version of this chart on their website.

Where would you place your favorite news source on this chart? Is it different than where Ad Fontes' reviewers placed it?