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Digital Newspapers

Gateways to electronic editions of the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Wall Street Journal

Access to Digital Newspaper Subscriptions


The NDNU community has free access to electronic editions of these newspapers:


     Wall Street Journal access


-If you have an account, click the name banner about to link to the login page, sign in with your complete NDNU email address


-If no account, click the name banner above to create.  Complete using your full NDNU email address (, accept Subscriber Agreement, and select 'CREATE'

-You will be presented with a confirmation page, select 'EXPLORE WSJ' (if redirected out of this page, please call 1-800-JOURNAL or email

-You will then be directed to a page that asks you to 'VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS'

-Check your NDNU email to verify your email address (though not common it can take up to 5 minutes to receive this email), use second link in email to verify

-After completing verification you will be prompted to 'SIGN IN', doing so completes the account creation process

-Future logins require your full NDNU email address ( and can be completed at or the Wall Street Journal app.

-Call 1-800-JOURNAL to resolve any issue


Use the 'News Archive' option found in the MORE column in the bottom right corner of the WSJ site page to find complete past issues or to search for specific content within past issues.  NDNU users' access to the daily WSJ archives goes back four years from the current date. 



New York Times access


-Click name banner above to link to Times login page

-If you have an account, use Log in here >> link

-If no account, select 'Create Account' button

-Complete registration using your NDNU email and you're in

-Future logins can be completed at


Use the search features to find articles back to 1851




San Francisco Chronicle access


-Click name banner above to link to Chronicle login page

-Use this info to log in

Username:  NDNU

Password:  LibrariesRG8


Use the 'Past Issues' link in the top left corner to see the previous 27 issues, from there, use the 'GO TO THE ARCHIVES' option to search back to January 2015

San Mateo Daily Journal

Click name above to link to San Mateo Daily Journal login page

-Use this info to log in

Username:  NDNU

Password:  Argonauts20