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GPY 4384 Research Methods

Art Therapy - Research Methodology

Citation Management Tools

Citation management tools allow researchers to manage and organize research through every stage. The main strength is saving citations, and most often the pdf or location, for easy access and recall of citation information. Choose a citation style and your document will display all citations consistent with that style.

The main drawbacks of any new tool are (a) the time it takes to properly set up and learn to use it and (b) the pitfall of over reliance on the tool.  Remember that no tool is perfect 100% of the time.  Always double check citations for completeness, accuracy and formatting. 

Especially for larger research projects, having a library of resources at your fingertips that can be cited in less than a second outweighs the diligence required to make sure that the program accurately captures the information when you save it.

There are many tools for citation assistance and management, with varying capabilities and varying price tags.